A Diamond Cut for Every Personality

A marriage proposal is a pretty big deal, no matter how comfortable a bond you share with her or how easygoing she is. It requires a lot of mental preparation. What else needs preparation is shopping for the right ring. When proposing with a diamond ring, your aim should be get your hand on one that will totally sweep her off her feet. Now finding such a ring is no mean feat because everybody has an individual sense of style and a type of preference. If you can’t decode your partner’s personality, then finding the right kind of diamond for the ring is a distant dream. If you are still not very sure about the type of diamond she would like, then here are some easy tips to crack that nut.

A Diamond Cut for Every Personality

Round and Oval Cuts: If her sense of style is more like casual and sporty, then she is not much of a style police. If you see her a lot in yoga pants and other comfy outfits, with mostly trainers, then she’s a free spirit. In all likelihood, she loves adventures like wind surfing and scuba diving. That gives her personality a lot of energy. So, what’s ideal for her is a round brilliant cut or an oval cut diamond. It’s tried and tested, functional, and most of all comfortable.

Pear, Marquise, Radiant and Heart Cuts: These cuts are perfect for women who are always on the trend. If your lady is seen in nothing but the latest style and wears shoes that come straight from the runway, then you want something glamorous for your beauty. Her idea of a romantic honeymoon must be a getaway to a secluded island. Considering everything, these cuts fit the tags of extraordinary and iconic just about right.

A Diamond Cut for Every Personality

Emerald, Cushion and Asscher Cuts: If she is a vintage-loving person whose style icons are Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and the likes, and is often seen in kitten pumps and classic heels, then her style is classic. What you want to get her is a vintage-inspired emerald, Asscher or cushion-cut diamond. These cuts feature widely across pieces from the Art Nouveau and Victorian eras.

Princess Cut: If her style is casual and if she gravitates naturally towards classic that stays in fashion for years then she is not a person who is too fussy about her clothes or shoes. She is easygoing and what you want for her is a cut that has versatility. The princess cut is classic, versatile and modern.

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