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Seal the Bond of Love with an Eternity Wedding Band

Since the ancient times and across many cultures, rings conveyed the notion of eternal love. The concept may be old, but it is followed with more vigor and zeal today. It has become a matter of much concern among men to choose the most ideal engagement ring and wedding band. It demands much time and […]

What is so Special about an Eternity Wedding Band

At first glance, the eternity bands will evoke in you the ultimate feeling of eternal love. Diamond eternity bands are timeless. They look spectacular from every angle when crafted in the finest way. They are a very popular style of diamond ring and can be used both as a wedding band and engagement ring. Eternity […]

Eternity Wedding Band: An Endless Bond of Togetherness

For the uninitiated, a continuous line of diamonds on a metal band makes a stunning eternity wedding band. One of the most sought-after choices in the wedding band segment, the eternity ring comes in a wide array of designs. The styles of eternity wedding bands include half or full eternity, representing either a half circle […]

Eternity Rings and Their Popularity

Eternity Rings and Their Popularity

Eternity rings came up a few years back and took the market by storm. A concept from 4000 years ago revitalized and customized to the modern context, eternity rings are loved by women across cultures. The concept of a ring is intertwined with the concept of eternity and that’s how it came to be an […]

History of Wedding Bands

History of Wedding Bands

Wedding Bands Over the Years Wedding bands are a sign of commitment to another. Everything from their shape to the finger they’re worn on has special meaning. As a tradition, they’re thousands of years old. The jewelry itself keeps transforming, from the materials used to decorations and even who wears them. The oldest known wedding […]

The Symbolic Quotient of a Wedding Band

The Symbolic Quotient of a Wedding Band

A wedding band stands for many a thing. It’s not just a physical expression of a wedding, as most commonly think. It is true that a wedding ring stands for a marital union, but that’s not the only thing it connotes. In fact, that is only one of the many connotations of a wedding band. […]

Vintage inspired wedding band

Top 5 Styles of Wedding Bands in 2017

This year, the trends in wedding bands is quite different from that in the last year. In 2017, buyers and makers both seem to be quite decidedly focused on sleek and stackable bands. So, this year, I’m guessing, we will get to see a lot of slim-trim bands that are much thinner than those from […]

Round brilliant eternity wedding band

Eternity Bands – Rings with Endless Diamonds

Eternity bands are rings with a row of diamonds which surround the entire band. While similar rings appeared in the 18th century, modern versions have romantic links. The nonstop circle of gems is meant to show enduring love between a couple. The ring is gifted during romantic milestones, such as weddings or anniversaries. Modern eternity […]

Eternity Rings: The Blessed Trinity

It is quite a precarious job to pick out three from a legion of equally exquisite artefacts. It is strictly a matter of personal choice and perspective. The bests cannot possibly be pointed out for anyone for odds are they might not be in unanimous agreement. However, for the sake of guidance, here are the […]

The Two Available Styles of Wedding Bands

Wedding bands are a celebration of the love you share with your partner and the time you have spent together and the future you have with one another. But sadly, so much thought goes into the selection and designing of engagement rings that there is not enough mental energy left to spare on wedding rings. […]

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