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Create an Everlasting Union with Diamond Eternity Bands

The startling sparkle of diamond eternity bands is meant for a love that shall last forever. A luminous circle of stunningly collated diamonds, a diamond eternity band is the ideal way to celebrate your nuptials, anniversaries, or simply the preciousness of your beloved. Crafted by the finest of artisans and with an indulgent spell of […]

Lustrous, Striking, and Evocative: Diamond Eternity Bands

Diamond eternity bands, just like the name suggests, symbolizes a never-ending circle of love. An eternity ring, also referred as infinity ring, is a gold or platinum band embraced by a continuous line of identically shaped diamonds. Though can be gifted on any occasion, diamond eternity bands are traditionally given on a significant anniversary, typically […]

Round brilliant eternity wedding band

Eternity Bands – Rings with Endless Diamonds

Eternity bands are rings with a row of diamonds which surround the entire band. While similar rings appeared in the 18th century, modern versions have romantic links. The nonstop circle of gems is meant to show enduring love between a couple. The ring is gifted during romantic milestones, such as weddings or anniversaries. Modern eternity […]

Diamond anniversary band with round brilliant diamonds

Diamond Anniversary Ring Styles

Finding the Best Ring for You It’s hard to pinpoint when people started exchanging anniversary bands. However, the tradition of gifts commemorating a wedding date goes as far back as the Roman empire. It’s also common to give diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. Diamond anniversary bands is an extension of these customs. One style […]

Styles of Diamond Solitaires That Make Fitting Anniversary Presents

Whether it’s your first anniversary or fifteenth, nothing can really beat a diamond solitaire ring. It does not require sparing much thoughts to come up with this idea. The imagination saved can however be invested in finding the best ring your money can buy. There are some choices of styles that are fitting to the […]

Eternity Rings: The Blessed Trinity

It is quite a precarious job to pick out three from a legion of equally exquisite artefacts. It is strictly a matter of personal choice and perspective. The bests cannot possibly be pointed out for anyone for odds are they might not be in unanimous agreement. However, for the sake of guidance, here are the […]

Emerald vs Baguette Cut – What’s Your Preferred Diamond?

When it comes to stunning diamonds, even a subtle difference in the stones shape and appearance can alter the look and feel of an engagement ring. This is especially pertinent with larger sized diamonds. The shape of the stone more often than not influences the setting and presentation of the ring. Two most admired and […]

4 Top Rated Diamond Bands: Each Complimenting a Different Taste

You may have rehearsed your lines gingerly time and again in your mind, but they would mean all that only when you have a beautiful ring in your hand to propose with. Curiously, engagement rings are perceived differently than other jewelry. They signify your love and affection for the one you present it to and […]

Diamond Dress Rings: A Fusion of Modern and Classic

Diamond dress rings are a newer entrant in the market. With people’s affordability reaching for higher limits, it is important to supply them with adequate options. One might not be affluent enough to pick a piece of diamond jewelry to go with each dress they have, but they sure can pick one for every few. […]

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