7 Ways To Discover Her Ring Size


Hoping to pop the question soon? Congratulations! Buying an engagement ring requires meticulous planning and visiting jewelry stores. However, the main problem hits you on the face when you have absolutely no clue about her ring size. You will definitely not be able surprise her, if you ask her about it first. So should you go ahead and guess her size? Just imagine the situation when she finds an abysmally small ring that does not fit her at all. The time afterwards is likely to turn into a nightmare instead of a romantic dream.
You might just have to be a little sneaky and try to discover the truth about her size. Here are 7 invaluable points that should help you in your endeavor. All the Best! Do read on…

  1. Engage her in ordinary conversation on a regular basis. Try to sneak in questions by asking her about her taste in jewelry or whether she happens to wear a regular size that fits most women.
  2. Watching commercials together on TV will give you a perfect excuse to find out more about her tastes and size.
  3. Discussing her likes and dislikes with a few of her closest friends might prove to be helpful as well. Keep the conversation light and casual while you try to discover everything about her. It will definitely be worthwhile to watch the wondrous look of surprise on her face when you present her with the perfect engagement ring and pop the question.
  4. The best way is of course to be on good terms with her family. Try to involve her siblings preferably sisters or cousins in the process. You are sure to get the right information at the right time once you take them into your confidence.
  5. Get her size by keeping her in the dark. Yes, this is possible too. Simply slip a paper ring on her ring finger while she is sleeping or totally engrossed in something else. Do remember to measure the finger on her left hand though. You can also request the jeweler to size up the ring, if you happen to have the ring size of her right hand instead.
  6. Take her along when calling on the jeweler and pretend to buy a gift for someone else. Ask her to choose a ring and get the jeweler to retain the measurement for future.
  7. The best thing would be to lay your hands on one of her rings by going through her jewelry box or the drawers where she keeps her jewelry. This would enable you to have the exact size handy.

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