7 Diamonds To Fit Your Personality

Sure, you love diamonds. Who doesn’t but can you distinguish between a round cut diamond and Princess cut one? Will a Marquise cut suit you at all? Well, it is certainly difficult! No worries though you can get all the information here. Simply read on and end up flashing a brilliant diamond with a proud smile.

1. Round Cut – This diamond is second to none when it comes to beauty and tradition. Deemed to be a classic for both modern as well as traditional women who keep getting better with age, the round cut diamond has graced the fingers of Mila Kunis and Madonna.

2. Asscher Cut – This cut happens to be very similar to the more common emerald diamond and represents the vintage lover. The clean square shape looks chunky, graceful and elegant Elizabeth Taylor possessed a 33 carat one gifted to her by Richard Burton.

3. Marquise Cut -This oval diamond with rounded edges and a tapered end is dramatic for sure. Drama queens simply cherish the allure of the modern version that is hexagonal in shape. It is little wonder that Catherine Zeta Jones wears one too.

4. Pear Shape – Now here is a unique diamond! A beautiful hybrid combo of the round and marquise cuts, this tear drop diamond is certainly meant for the bold and beautiful brides. Take a look at the sparkler on Anne Hathaway’s finger and you will be convinced totally.

5. Heart Shape – The heart shaped diamond has no equals when it comes to love. This alluring shape is not very common as it is difficult to find the perfect one. However, if you happen to be an impossible romantic who would like to wear your heart on your sleeve, go ahead and flaunt it. Lady Gage has already made her mark by treading this path.

6. Radiant Cut – A brilliant cut that marries the Princess to the cushion diamond is a great option for the fun, flirtatious and feisty bride. Jennifer Lopez proudly shows off her 6 carat pink radiant ring and you can do it too albeit you find this rare cut in jewelry stores.

7. Cushion Cut – Who doesn’t like comfort? Well, you would do well to choose the cushion cut diamond, if you happen to be fond of a good life along with being a die-hard romantic at heart. While the shape resembles a pillow, this cut is considered to be the best when it comes to clarity. Go ahead and join the ranks of Kim Kardashian and Brooke Shields now!

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