5 Trendsetting Ring Designs that Make For Beautiful Engagement Rings

What does a girl want when it comes to her bridal jewelry? This is a question that has thoroughly befuddled men for generations. Men who are on the path of popping the question in the near future are on it. While the answers are largely different, there are some overlapping aspects that make the diverse choices of women similar on a certain plane. Shopping the sparkler should always be accompanied by some current information. That is the key to make a confident pick. Take a look at the top 5 gorgeous engagement rings that are trendsetters for this year.

Twisted Silhouettes
Interwoven and overridden styles are leading the market now. The bands though are very much there, have taken to a little stylizing for a change. These designs have a little work on the sides where the band is split into two strands that twist around one another to finally merge with the even band.

Closer to Nature
Nature still continues to inspire jewelry designs. These rings particularly owe it to nature for their designs. Flowers, vines, sprigs, buds and leafage make the themes of these pieces. Sometimes running water, blowing wind and even waterfalls are captured in the designs of these jewelry pieces.

Claw Setting
If the plain prong setting is too ordinary for your eyes, then here is a welcoming change. The claw setting is a kind of prong setting, only that it has a distinct feel of clutch about it. The prongs are eight in number and they have pointy tips. A baguette diamond on a claw setting looks perfect for any style of band.

Minimal and Slight
If you like it simple, then return to the still popular elegant collection. These designs are not likely to lose their popularity any time soon. Timeless as they are, these classic rings are petite and plain. However, there is a radiance about their simplicity which is lent by either the big center stone or the elegance of the designs. There are many options in the delicate silhouette section that may blow your mind away.

Scalloped Pave Accents
French pave setting is already pretty popular. Taking advantage of that, the jewelers have added a new style to it which is pretty much a favorite of every women. Scalloped diamond accents on the sides work wonders for any brilliant cut center stone. It plays up the aesthetics of the ring almost instantly, without requiring any detailing on the sides or border.
So, coming back to the topic of which one of these is more desirable than the others, this is very subjective. However, it’s not that difficult to figure if you know your lady well enough. There will be plenty of instances during the relationship where you can study and learn her tastes in jewelry before you go shopping.

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