5 Times When a Marquise Shaped Diamond Turned a Ring into a Stunner

The Marquise cut has a very interesting background story. The provenance of this dainty cut is France in the 1700s. It was first created in the laboratory of a French lapidary when France was under the rule of King Louis XV.  Instantly, women adored the cut for its exquisite beauty and elegant shape. The shape was unusual at the time and was easy to catch the eyes. It wasn’t long before people came to identify its carat advantage. Turns out that the Marquis shape has a hidden advantage. It stretches the surface area of a stone making it seem larger than it really is. That is advantageous for inexpensive jewelries.

5 Times When a Marquise Shaped Diamond Turned a Ring into a Stunner


Three centuries later, it is still a favorite. A staple in luxe and fine jewelry, the Marquise cut with its rare shape and exotic aesthetics lends a striking focal point to any jewelry it appears in. Here are 5 such instances that will totally have you fall head and ears over this splendid cut.

Marquise with Accents
The accented band is a common motif in modern designs. However, with a Marquise cut diamond, the effect of a gem loaded band is manifold more striking. This design uses a Marquise cut diamond at the heart embraced by a regular 6 prong bracket. The band that emerges from the two ends of the stone aligns with micro-diamonds that light up the entire design. The flashy appearance of the Marquise cut stone lends the design a novelty that is unmatched.

Marquise in a Smooth Bezel
The exquisiteness of a Marquise stone is such that it dazzles even on a rather plain design. This ring, featuring a solo Marquise cut diamond at the center is stripped of all kinds of possible aggrandizements that are common. To keep it rather minimal, the makers have used a simple bezel setting and bare band for this piece. However, the final effect is no short of swoon-worthy.

Marquise on an Infinite Band
The infinity band is a marvel in itself. With it scalloped shape, milgrain edge and accented contours, it is a lovely piece. Add a Marquise cut diamond at the center, and what you have is a perfect show stealer.

Three-Stone Marquise
This three stone Marquise diamond ring is arguably the loveliest ring ever. Flaked with a pair of triangular accent stones on the side, the narrow Marquise at the center shines with brilliant fire.

East-West Marquise
Set vertically on a plain skinny band, this Marquise cut stone requires no quirky detailing to stand out.

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