5 Invaluable Tips for Engagement Ring Buyers

Buying an engagement ring is not a straightforward task of selection and payment. It involves countless infinitesimal things that collectively contribute to the procurement of the perfect ring. There are tons of tradeoffs that a person needs to assess and weigh before the final ring is found. To help you finish this convoluted and arduous journey, here are some tips to guide you along the way. Ahead you will learn 5 tips that will make the process less complicated and improve your chance of success.

5 Invaluable Tips for Engagement Ring Buyers

Pick a Shape

Even before you start looking at the ring, decide on the gem shape. There aren’t too many gem shapes, and still fewer chart toppers. So, picking a shape shouldn’t take too long. At this point, the most popular shapes are round, princess, cushion oval and pear. While the first two are classic brilliant cuts, the last three are unorthodox shapes that are younger and trendier than the first two. They come in the group of fancy cuts.

What’s Her Choice of Design?

Now when you have a shape in mind, look at the designs. But before that, find out what she likes best. Is she a classic lover or more modern in that sense? That should shed a lot of light on which range you should go looking into. At the present moment, the designs that are high on popularity are channel set, micro pave, split shank and halo. Although there are many designs aside from the mentioned four, these ones are reigning supreme at this point. In these four styles, you will find both sleek and gorgeous, subtle and glamorous pieces.

Carat Weight

Here you will need to weigh your budget with the carat size you want. Engagement rings have diamonds as small as .50 carat to those as big as 40 carats. For a buyer looking for a big diamond in a modest budget, a low-quality diamond will fetch you more bling for your buck. Alternately, if you are thinking of a decent sized diamond for a fair budget, the higher end of the selection is what you should be browsing.

The Color

There is much confusion surrounding colors in colorless diamonds. Every buyer going for a transparent diamond wishes for a fully colorless diamond, but those that fit the description, graded S, E and F are bitterly expensive. Budget buyers will find the grades G, H, I and J more agreeable.

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