5 Best Earring Styles in 2017

A pretty set of diamond earrings is one of the most coveted jewelry pieces of all time. They are beautiful, they are sparkling and they are precious. They make great additions to jewelry wardrobes and also, heart-touching gifts.With the passing of years, the craze for diamond earrings has only grown bigger and bigger. Encouraged by the public enthusiasm, jewelers work hard every year to whip up new styles to present diamonds in earrings.


Pave diamond ball earrings

This year’s top 5 styles are as follow:

Petite Diamond Studs

Studs are at the top this year. Many of you may already own a pair or more of these delightful beauties, but don’t let that stop you from building your own collection of diamond studs. Diamond studs are classic. They have clean designs, delicate looks and are versatile accessories. With a new style of studs getting launched in the stores every few weeks, buying one as often as you can is the best way to keep your collection up-to-date.



Thus some studs are solitaires, there are other kinds of earrings too that are exclusively solitaires. These earpieces bear a sizeable pair of diamonds each that are cut distinctively for display. A solitaire earring can be of any style, starting from a stud to a chandelier, as long as the rings have a single diamond apiece.



Hoops from the 90s are back and with a twist. Spikes, concentric, you name it, and there is one of every kind in the stores. The jewelers of the world are running their imagination wild to give these retro stars a modern spin without stealing away their classic feel and essence. You have a pair, and that’s all you need for dinners, day outs, parties, everywhere.



A little up in the chart is danglers. Diamond danglers are everywhere this year. They are brilliant, they are gorgeous, and yes they come for a good deal of money. So, if you have been saving for a pair of danglers that you can go dancing in, here is your chance. Seize the opportunity today because the shelves have never had as many choices in diamond danglers as now.


Colored Diamonds:

Colored diamond earrings are the perfect excuse for you to break away from the rut of buying colorless diamonds and go straight into something different. Still diamonds, these earrings use their brightly colored versions. Pink, blue, yellow, green and even black diamonds appear in this section.

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