4 Top Rated Diamond Bands: Each Complimenting a Different Taste


You may have rehearsed your lines gingerly time and again in your mind, but they would mean all that only when you have a beautiful ring in your hand to propose with. Curiously, engagement rings are perceived differently than other jewelry. They signify your love and affection for the one you present it to and hence, anything short of an expressive design might earn the scowl and scoff. Diamond bands or eternity rings make the foremost choice when it comes to asking the big question. But, your choice of band determines how heartily she smiles before she nods a “yes”. Here are some suggestions that can save you the confusion.

Round Cut Five Stone Band
This one is classic, it is lavish and definitely a beauty that has never faced as much of a forewarning of a rejection ever. Your battle is half won when you have this in your possession. This band uses five white diamonds covering the frontal semi-circle of the ring. The stones used are all round cut and cradled in pave setting. The rest of the platinum band is regardless to any detail, and that is because the front steals all the show.

Round Brilliant Diamond Band
Your lady will fall for you all over again just for picking out this one from the myriad. This is by far, the most exclusive piece you may ever find at any time in the market. Inlaid with 15 small white diamonds, each weighing about .23 carats, this piece has beautiful striations on both the edges that create a wonderful cluster of facets to play up the sparkle of the stones. Slender and uniform all over, this band is a pretty pick for a cause like that.

Princess Cut Diamond Band
5 sizeable stones of princess cut fill the front of this band, with a uniform dazzle. The white stones dressed in princess cut emit an ethereal fire that solitaire stones might not be able to conjure. Bent out of platinum, this band is extremely well-crafted and timeless in its design. The band has a squarely feel about its design which is a mark of novelty for engagement bands.

Intermixing of Round and Baguette
If your plan is to make an aristocratic fetch for your object of affection, then obviously you can’t settle for the simpler ones. This might not vouch for her softer side, but it sure will spill all the beans of her taste to the world. This wide band accommodates two borderlines of round-cut colorless diamonds with a central baguette strip sandwiched in between. It’s a sight to behold, to say the least.

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