3 Wackiest Wedding Proposals

Lovers have gone to great lengths to woo their significant others. When it comes to an engagement proposal, some like to keep it simple and sweet, while other likes blowups. Here are the top 3 wackiest most exclusive proposal stories scraped from the pages of the Internet. Evidently, the men in these stories have put their hearts in the proposal and with a little use of imagination, they effortlessly score the top 3 positions in the list of wacky proposals.

The Video Game Girl
He knew that there is anything that stood close her love for him, then its library of video games. So, when planning a proposal, the straightest way to her heart is through her games. Taking advantage of her absence in the day, he hacked into one of her current video games. She added a whole new level and arranged with old pictures of them together right from the day they started dating. As she unlocked this new level, it was a whole 5 minutes before she realized that this new level was not exactly a part of the game, but a proposal from her boyfriend.

TV Commercial Proposal
They never really had the same favorite in TV shows, but that does not mean that the TV cannot be the medium of a marriage proposal. He knew all about her television habits, and so he pays off an ad agency to prepare a small commercial break which was his marriage proposal to his longtime girlfriend. And just when she sunk onto the couch turning the TV on for her favorite evening show, an ad popped up on the screen featuring her boyfriend making a heart-warming proposal through the television. Evidently a lot of other people saw it too, but the yes came from the one it was meant for.

In the Rain
So what if the weather is clammy and there is a cloudburst every 2 miles? For a man, that is no excuse to deter the plan of proposing to his sweetheart to another day. Instead of waiting for the sun to shine, Peter, a high school professor decided to go all romantic and loverly on a rainy afternoon. He contacted a few friends and staged them in a line to hold an umbrella each. As she came into sight, they all lowered their canopies to reveal a Marry Me message. It did get them a little wet, but the joy and surprise of the bride-to-be was more than compensatory.

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