3 Unique Gift Ideas for the Next Valentine’s Day


For those to whom this day matters, here are some gift ideas a little in advance for next Valentine’s Day. As we understand, saving and affording get a lot easier when you start early and have a target in view. Here are three unique gift ideas that are sure to warm hearts and melt them right away. If what you want for your next Valentine’s Day is to give your beloved something that makes her smile with joy, then here are some ideas.

3 Unique Gift Ideas for the Next Valentine’s Day


One of the things that make a truly magnificent Valentine’s Day gift is sapphire. You probably think of diamonds and rubies first when thinking of gemstones, but sapphires should not be too far behind. Although sapphires come in a wide range of colors, they are not really associated with Valentine’s Day. The colors are just far removed from red. And yet, a sapphire makes a wonderful gift for a woman on this special date. It is a classic gift gemstone for any occasion, particularly like Valentine’s Days and anniversaries.





Studs with a Twist
Studs are already a popular gift idea on days like this. But you can always choose a new style of setting or pick a different design to add an element of uniqueness of this otherwise common gift. Just a different setting can make a world of difference. So, even if you pick a set of classic solitaire studs, make sure to choose a new kind of setting to give them a rare touch. Basket and woven settings are strong recommendations. Cluster studs are a little easy on price and still high on aesthetics.




Delicate Tennis Bracelets
Whether your beloved is a traditionalist or someone who has an eye for everything rare and unique, a tennis bracelet is a great gift to offer on Valentine’s Day. Yes, a diamond tennis bracelet may cost you a good deal of money, but the aesthetics make do for the value. Tennis bracelets are delicate, sparkly and versatile. While the stones lend the ornament an unusual quality of moving around, its slim design makes it a jewelry for any kind of outfit. So, traditional or not, a tennis bracelet is a gift nothing ordinary.

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