The 3 Most Popular Styles of Diamond Studs

Diamonds studs, though spectacular pieces are not strikingly different from one another. Scan the shelves or ask a designer, both will tell you that there are 3 different styles of diamond ear studs that are sold in the market. This article discusses the nuances of these three stylings while focusing on their details. So, next time you walk into a store and browse the stud display, you will know not just the names of the styles, but a lot more than what the salesperson tells you.

Three-Prong Studs
The three prong style of studs are curved in a V-setting, otherwise known as the Martini setting. When viewed from the profile perspective, the setting of the stone looks like a Martini stemware. Brilliant round-cut diamonds are mostly used for this style of mounting. These studs place the diamonds very close to the lobes which makes dropping less likely. The conical form of the setting secures the stud tightly to the earring. Some women however don’t like it because it feels uncomfortable for sensitive ears.
Four-Prong Studs
The four-prong style evidently has a better grip over the stone. It clasps the diamond from all four sides. Preferred cut of stone used in a pair of four-prong studs is round. This style is known in the showrooms by an inside name, the basket-style. The name refers to its basket-like lattice that has a flat bottom and four corners. Unlike the conical mounting, this one does not set the studs too close to the piercings and that does away with the feeling of discomfort. If you do not want to wear something in your ears on a daily basis that stretches your piercings open, then this makes a safe choice.
Another style of four-prong setting is the crown type. This too has a flat bottom, but with a more solid mounting unlike the wire frame mounting of the others discussed above. Logically, this one requires more heavy metal than other models which edges it slightly to the expensive side of the scale. This setting has thicker prongs and hence, greater hold. But, because they are heavier, they are more likely to droop than their rickety equivalents.

Bezel Studs
Bezel studs are one of the ladies’ favorites. These are round buckets holding a drop of diamond each within their uniformly rounded contours. Bezel studs have a very smooth finish with no corners or edges anywhere in the entire shape. Brilliant round-cut diamonds are used in all bezel studs. The mountings are a little long towards the bottom which makes the diamonds appear chunkier. The flat bottoms sits fixedly on the ear lobe without piercing or drooping. Platinum and sterling silver bezel studs have better sales than yellow gold ones.

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