3 Extraordinary Samples of Minimal Jewelry for Women of All Ages

There is a certain beauty about delicate jewelry which makes them so easily likeable. Even a simple pendant can elevate a t-shirt and a pair of frayed jeans to the level of high fashion. A set of sleek hoops can instantly light up the whole outfit. A smattering of skinny rings can add a casual flare to any festive dress. That’s what makes minimal jewelry so desirable. Whether or not you are particularly fond of delicate jewelry there are 3 samples that will make you love them right away.

Concentric Hoops
This one is to die for. A perfectly straightforward design with the magic of novelty, this set is a must-have for anybody who believes in the strength of less. This piece elevates a pair of perfectly normal hoops to the level of statement jewelry. Crafted by wielding three hoops of graduating sizes together to form one piece, this pair is just lovely. Made with traditional yellow gold, this set is dainty and remarkable at once. Wear it with an A-line skirt and a white shirt or your best party dress, you will dazzle in the crowd.

Ring Charm Necklace
This one is for charm lovers, and those who aren’t particularly a fan of charms. Based on the concept of wearing a ring around the neck, this one features two simple parts- a chain and a ring. The chain needless to say is skinny and short, and ends in a loop which clasps a small ring as the pendant. Very light and chic, this one is a great pick for anybody who likes to keep it casual. Like the concentric hoops, this one works great with casuals and formals, and if you stretch it a bit, it goes with party dresses too.

Mixed Stacking Rings
Stacking rings are a great way of adding a bohemian touch to any outfit. And when the rings are all a part of one ensemble, it’s just perfect. In stacking rings, the more the merrier is the fitting adage. So, bearing that in mind, these designers put together a lovely suite of stacking rings designed to look both random and symmetrical side by side. The warm gold color of the rings coupled with the haphazard designs create a lovely stack that works best with long bohemian skirts and flare pants.

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