14K and 18K Rose Gold- How Are They Different

For an uninitiated person, gold is gold, no matter the karat. But today’s buyers are more informed than that. They gather information on various subjects of interest, stay updated about things going on around them and research before buying anything. If you are one of those buyers who consider knowledge vital to day to day living, then you would be interested to learn that gold varies not only in karat, but even in color. Taking rose gold as an example, a 14K rose gold ring looks visibly different from an 18K rose gold ring. How? Of course to someone who is not expecting the difference, the variation is faint and passable, but to the informed, this difference piques curiosity.
So, for all you readers who have taken a moment out of your lives to find out the truth behind the color difference of 14 and 18K rose gold, here is something to chew on.

14K and 18K Rose Gold- How Are They Different

How Different Are They?
The colors of 14 and 18K rose gold are not strikingly different to begin with. So, before you start thinking in the wrong direction, let’s get that straight. However small the difference is, it is perceivable to the trained eyes and even to others observant eyes. So if you are wondering how exactly are they different, here is the answer. The 14k rose gold is a little rosier while the 18K gold is less rosy. That however is not the only thing. 18K rose gold metal has a golden hue about it which is missing in the 14K gold, which is replaced by a pinkish blush that is apparently milder in tone in 18K.

Why Are They Different?
The chief reason behind their color difference is metal composition. Pink gold, as many of you would know, is made of gold and an alloy of copper and silver. The greater the proportion of copper, the more pink it appears. Similarly, the less of copper it carries, the more golden it will look. So, 14K rose gold being inferior in quality than 18K carries more copper. That contributes to the tonal difference.

Which Should I Buy?
That should depend on what you want. If you want rose gold exclusively for the blush color, then a 14K piece of jewelry seems apt. However, if you are buying gold as an investment, then 18K which is the higher possible quality of rose gold is the better option.

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