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Lapis bar cufflinks in yellow gold

How to Wear Your Cufflinks Like a Boss

Even though men’s fashion is growing exponentially, choices of accessorizing a suit or even a formal wear as we know it is pretty limited. Most of that is limited to choices like watches, rings and cufflinks. But does that mean there is nothing outside these options that one can sport to look fashionable? Yes, there […]

Opals Finally Making a Grand Comeback

The return of opals is long awaited by the mass, with people often making enquiries about why is it so scarce in the market. Though the answer to that question is not concretely formed yet, perhaps due to lack of conclusive data, the good news is that opals are finally on the phase of revival. […]

Some Things to Look Out for When Buying Diamonds Online

Loose diamonds of all sizes and carats are ubiquitous over the Internet. Stores big and small now have a section under which they stock loose diamonds of different grades. It is an open invitation to get ornaments customized from scratch. Pick your diamonds, choose your metal, share your design and your piece is ready in […]

Have You Heard About Stackable Engagement Rings Yet?

Stackable rings was a little fashion roll-out that first reached us a couple of years back. Brushing on an already existing concept, fashion experts set afloat a new way of wearing rings. Pairing them in twos and threes became the new style of wearing bands and even solitaires. The inventors named it stackable and soon […]

Jewelry Insurance, A Pre-Purchase Read

You may have heard about jewelry insurances a lot lately, and that may lead you to wonder if you should get one for your jewels. That is essentially a very good question, something you might need to face, particularly if you own a wealth of precious jewels. Jewelry are steep investments, and that is precisely […]

Aquamarines, the Stones of the Sea

If blue diamonds are beyond your reach, turn to aquamarines instead of blue sapphires and other equally expensive alternatives. Now, you may not have thought of aquamarine being an alternative for blue diamonds, but they are definitely worth a chance. Speaking strictly on the present context, aquamarines are on the rise this year, and why […]

Diamond Brooches You Might Have Missed Before

Brooches may sound like a thing of the past, but they are still very much around. In fact, the fashion headquarters around the world have been seen to invest a certain interest and energy in the revitalization of these fascinating fashion accessories from the past eras. So, don’t be all too surprised if you see […]

Most Ornate Antique Jewelry to Have Ever Been Auctioned

Antique jewelry shows are quite something. It is a place for not just the Richie rich collectors and celebrity bloggers, but anybody who takes an interest in ornaments. For those of you who have been invited to an antique jewelry show would know this. It is a window of opportunity to witness some of the […]

Here Is What’s Ruling the Bracelets Range This Year

Bracelets have rapidly replaced bangles in the last couple of years, and the change is most prominent this year. Bracelets are the wrist candies that are stealing the show in 2017 and are likely to keep the market under its feet for the next couple of years. While the trends keep changing every year, 2017 […]

Diamond Cluster Earrings

4 Cs: The Four Integral Facets of a Diamond

Normally, people like to know a few things beforehand about products they are going to purchase. But, when that product is a diamond, buyers don’t feel comfortable with nothing less than extensive knowledge. Now sadly, it’s not possible to imbibe every information on a mineral overnight. It needs disciplined research and that may take longer […]

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